Audit & Attest

Assurance Services (Audit/Review/Compilation)

Financial statements act as formal records of all financial activities of a company. Businesses require preparation and reporting on general-purpose financial statements intended for investors, creditors, regulators and management. LEK Partners strengthens your position by providing preparation, compilations, reviews and audits of financial statements.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

There are many instances when a financial statement audit or review may not fit the end goal or just may not be necessary. We regularly conduct agreed-upon procedures that can offer you additional assurance on a given project, yet allow flexibility as to the terms and scope of the procedures performed. We assist in determining the procedure(s) that best meets your need and goals – and then we work diligently to execute.

LEK Expertise

With each engagement, our mindset is to deliver value beyond the completed financial statement or report. Throughout the process, our business-minded expertise shares perspective gained during the report process, including tax, operational, and business concerns for business owners. Our audit and attest practitioners proactively seek out and complete numerous hours of technical training and research annually, well beyond state licensing requirements, to maintain a command of the latest technical knowledge applicable to private companies. We put that knowledge and insight to work for private companies in all industries and of all sizes. In addition to financial statement audits and reviews, we also perform various agreed-upon procedures and employee-benefit plan audits.